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Post  Titanisia on Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:20 pm

New Member Info, by Titanisia

Hello everyone and thanks for joining Stripling Warriors!!! I am going to try and explain everything you need to know to be awesome!!!

Let’s go over some terms first.

RVF = Raid Vs. Food Production.
Newbs or Noobs = new players in the game.
PM = Private message
K (as in 1k) is the metric symbol for kilo. K means thousand. 1k = 1,000
M or Mil = Million
PVP = Peer Vs. Peer meaning when we actually get to fight other people.
Mob = Monsters that you Raid/Conquer in the game.
f/g = Food and Gold
Hp = Health points
Mp = Mana points
PE = Pocket Empires
Ranged Troop = Troops or Mobs that have 60, 90 or 120 range
Infantry Troop = Troops or Mobs that have less than 60 Range and 30 speed
Calvary Troop = Troops or Mobs that have less than 60 range and greater than 30 speed

Ok now that we have gotten that out of the way...

I would also like to say that if you don't understand any of this you are free to PM me or any of the other generals, colonels, or captains in our alliance with questions.

First let’s start with Farms and Mines

RVF Rule: Ok think about this, if you had your city at level 10 and all 11 as farms and all of them at lvl 10 you would get 6600 per/hour production. If you have 10k Lizards and you raid 40k widows with them you will get roughly 60k food and 60k gold. That's more than 10 hours worth of production in one raid. Once you build any kind of decent size army you will never be able to produce enough to pay the upkeep for your army. My gold upkeep alone is 61,000,000, yes that was 61 MILLION. So now you are wondering how I have so many millions of troops? THEY DON'T DIE WHEN YOU HIT 0.....!!! How do you send troops out of your city if you can’t pay the march cost to send them? It is free to send them to Raid/Conquer within 1 hour marching distance.

Troop Transfer: So now you are asking, how do you build up your city if you are always negative production and never have f/g? The trick is to spend it as soon as they return before it depletes it all. Another trick is when you become a knight and build a second city; you can raid a couple times then transfer your troops to your second city and spend the f/g in the first one because they are not there to deplete it.

FODDER Rule: Ok think about all the big battle scenes in the move Gladiator, Braveheart, The Patriot, Robin Hood, or any other "Epic" movie, They always have the archers attack first from a distance while the infantry charges. This works in PE as well. The trick is to send one of every kind of troop you have and then a ton of Ranged Troops. Example: if I send 10k lizards against 40k widows they will all die. But if I send 10k lizards, 1 militia, 1 swordsman, 1 hussar, 1 Calvary, 1 Axeman, 1 bowman, 1 goblin, 1 witch, 1 prawn, and 1 orc against 40k black widows some of the single troops will die but I will conquer the widows and get a lot of f/g and Rep. Lizards are good against Prawn, Witches, Orcs, Goblins, Widows and sometimes Gargoyles and Gorgons. If you implement the Fodder rule you should be able to defeat about 4x the number of ranged troops that you send. Example: 1k can defeat 4k, 5k can defeat 20k, etc...

Raid vs. Conquer: the difference between raiding and conquering is that raiding costs 10 Hp but conquering costs 50 Hp. When you conquer you get to keep about 1/5 of the mobs you are fighting. I recommend raiding until you get at least 256k rep, that way you can build 5 cities and be working on upgrading them and conquering at the same time.

What is good against what: Assuming you now understand how fodder works, (and if you don’t, you need to figure it out fast,) This is the list of what I use to conquer and what I conquer. I feel that these mobs are the best suited for what we do in the game so I don’t really mess with the other ones unless I am bored or can’t find a lvl 10 of what I am looking for

THE LINEUP: Ballista-Reapers-Lizards-Everything else

2k Ballista + Fodder will USUALLY conquer innumerable Reapers; innumerable is the largest size reapers on the map

30k reapers + Fodder will USUALLY conquer lvl 10 Lizards. You will lose between 4k-6k Reapers doing this but you will conquer roughly 500k Lizards. Don’t waste gems reviving the reapers because you can buy Lizards for WAY cheaper than the cost of reviving. Lizards are cheap to buy in the market but it only costs Hp to conquer reapers which conquer lizards, so if you don’t want to spend gems on lizards do it this way.

1.4m Lizards + Fodder will USUALLY conquer lvl 10 Widows. Widows usually give the MOST REP

1.4m Lizards + Fodder will also USUALLY conquer lvl 10 goblin, prawn, orc, witches, and widows. They will also PROBABLY conquer lvl 10 gargoyles, gorgons, and vampires but they are hard to find and honestly not worth the risk to try and get.

How do you use your Mana? Think about this, if you use Mana to speed up building production it takes 1 hour off the build time. If you use Mana to speed up recruiting it takes off 30%. So let’s say I start 100k bowmen which takes 3000hrs. (I know you’re thinking that’s too expensive, I bought 50mil gold on the market for 10 gems, so really it’s very cheap.) I use mana 12 times and it becomes 42 hrs.

(lookout, math up ahead) It costs you 50 Mp each time, which is 600 mana, which takes 120hrs to gain.

So overall you spend 162hrs instead of 3000hrs, that’s 2,838 less hours, or you could cut down build time by 12 hours. 2838 or 12 you pick.

The Market: When you go into the market there is a yellow graph, a green graph, and two boxes you can input numbers into. The green graph shows how many of that item is in the market. The yellow graph on the right shows the current market price and the left shows the price margin between what people are buying for and what people are selling for. You input the price you are willing to pay/sell for in the first box and how many you want/or are willing to sell in the second box. So if I want to buy 1000 lizards and the current market price is 0.000124 I might put 0.00015 which means I will pay 1.5 gems for 1000 lizards.

Well I hope that this answered all of your questions. New members are entitled to 10k lizards once you understand all this and have moved to our neighborhood. We are located at 1464, 1585 for those of you looking to move nearby.

Good luck,



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