fodder: i.e. speed bumps

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fodder: i.e. speed bumps

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 26, 2010 5:14 pm

i am going to do my best to explain this, it is kind of hard to put into words accurately though.

have you ever seen a medieval themed movie with a big battle in it?

all of them had archers, AND soldiers.

so while the enemy is busy beating down the soldier, they have pointy death raining down on their heads.

this is the same idea as fodder. for example

i have 1 million lizards, who are ranged and toss spears into the enemys eyeballs, as their primary offense. if i send them in alone, the enemy will be beating them to hard for them to toss the spears. so i send someone faster, like 1 hussar, and 1 black widow. so while the enemy is wasting a whole turn on 2 troops, the million spears coming at them will take care of them... they loose 1 million troops... you loose 2.

This is not a specific explanation but you should get the idea.



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Re: fodder: i.e. speed bumps

Post  Britant on Wed Jul 07, 2010 4:07 pm

Thanks for that Very Happy makes sense will be using the tactic when i get my troop levels up Smile


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