City and financial management

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City and financial management

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 23, 2010 7:57 pm

I have seen questions lately in chat, about how to avoid monsters eating all of your gold, so here is a simple howto, which will be expanded more later (since I am doing this from the phone)

The first rule to follow is mosters eat way more gold than you could ever hope to feed them, if you have a decent sized army. So don't try. As soon as you can build a second city, do so. And build only a castle and a command center.
Once this is done send all of your troops there.
Now build your first town uninhibited,
As your monsters raid, transport all of the gold and food they return with to your first city so it does not get eaten.


Chris starts playing pocket empires and is eager to get his city big, and quickly.
A friend loans him some troops to get started with, and some speedbumps to assist them.
Chris gets promoted to knight on his first raid and builds a second city with the money that he just got from the raid.
Once the second city has a castle and a command center, he sends all his little beasties over there because he is tired of paying monster support for 50,000 damn lizards.
The lizards now raid from the new city, and transport the spoils to the old one.
Once he has built his first city up happily he reinforces it with all of his troops from the new city
As soon as they get to the new city he has thm transport all of the gold and food to the old one.
Now he can build this city with minimal financial loss. And thus is more sucessful and happeir in general.

St. Ives. (Chris)


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Re: City and financial management

Post  laybin on Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:10 pm

That is some great info Titan! But here is my question. Would it be wise to take the spoils from the raid and deposit the spoils into the market instead of sending troops to carry the spoils to the old city. I have tried what you talked about doing in your post, and I always ran into the same problem of when the troops arrive at the old city they dont just deposit the spoils and leave. They stay and and linger for a while before returning to the new city where they belong. And while they are in the old city "loitering" they are gobbling up all my gold and food.

So that is why I posed the question to you.



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