Defensive Troop Pool

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Defensive Troop Pool

Post  Titanisia on Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:32 am

Hello everyone.

I have had an idea to begin building up a massive troop count for the purpose of defense for our members. This is what I am thinking we should do. My county "Manti" (1458,1585) is going to be the spot for the Defensive pool, Giorgi's City "Troop Pool" (1462,1581) will be the New Member Reinforcement Pool.

Defense Pool Conditions:

Each person who chooses to participate will donate troops at least once a week.

Troop Donation will be in quantities listed for tracking purposes.

I will keep a log of who has donated and what they have donated.

Each person who donates will then be eligible to have the troops in the pool used to defend them.

The amount sent to defend you will be determined by how often you donate and by me.

The officers in the alliance will vote to determine when the troops will be used.

Troops will not be sent to defend someone who instigates a fight.

Defensive troops pooled will not be given to new members but will be used only for defense.

All troops sent to Manti will remain there until used for defensive purposes. I will not use them.

Troops will not be returned to anyone who quits or leaves the alliance.

Any other decisions will be made by a majority vote from members who have donated.

I ultimately reserve the right to the final decision concerning the troops.

Troop Donation Amounts:

100k Militia
50k Swordsmen
25k Centurion
100k Axemen
50k Bowmen
25k Longbow
100k Hussar
50k Calvary
25k Paladin
20k Battering Ram
10k Ballista
5k Catapult

500k Goblin
500k Prawn
500k Orc
500k Fire Beast
500k Gorgon
500k Gargoyle,
1Mil Widow
200k Lizard
1000 Vampire
1000 Butcher
1000 Demon
1000 Fallen
1000 Cyclops
1000 Troll
1000 Reaper

Do not send amounts that are different than stated above.

I would like to see every member in the alliance over 5mil rep donating one of the listed troops every day. I know this may be a lot to ask for some of you but think of how much will be there for your defense if everyone participates. If you can't manage to do this every day, try for every other day.

The Reinforcement troop pool is going to be Run by Giorgi. If you are new, contact Giorgi and he will send you a starter package. Please do not continue bugging Giorgi for troops after that initial amount. If you want more to rep up faster contact me (Titanisia) and we can discuss terms of a loan.

Thank you for participating. This will be a great help to know what we can count on for defense.



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Reinforcement Pool

Post  Titanisia on Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:34 am

Untill Further notice, please do not send troops to Giorgi's reinforcement pool.

Thank you


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