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New Player Guide

Post  Titanisia on Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:51 am

New Player Guide, by Titanisia

Hello everyone. For those who have, thanks for joining Stripling Warriors!!! In this post I am going to try and list what I would do to build the fastest. If you haven’t read the “new member info” yet you need to go read that first. It will explain some of what I talk about in this and is vastly more important than what order to build things in. Also keep in mind that you can do some of these things simultaneously. If you’re not completely new but still haven’t been playing very long, you can go through the list and make sure each step is done, and then continue forward from where you are in the list. Having said that, let’s begin.

* means you need to join an alliance before doing these things. A lot of these things will be more quickly accomplished if you are in an alliance. Have them send you food and gold so that you don’t have to wait for it to replenish. Almost any alliance is willing to accept a new member so choose one that you like. Once you have chosen an alliance, stick with them. Loyalty pays off in the end.

Build your castle
Accelerate it using mana.
Build a Command Center
Use your Civilians pack. It’s the Item in the lord screen under the Items tab.
Use farmers, Miners, Build Management
Build a farm
Upgrade Farm to lvl 3
Build a barracks
Build a Blacksmith
*Get 1mil food and 1mil gold from alliance.
Build Gold Mine and upgrade it to lvl 5
Upgrade Barracks to lvl 5
Upgrade Blacksmith to lvl 4
Upgrade Castle to lvl 2
Accelerate it using mana
Build Archery Range
Upgrade Castle to lvl 3
Accelerate it using mana one time
Upgrade Farm to lvl 7
Upgrade Command Center to lvl 3
Upgrade Blacksmith to lvl 4
Build Research Lab
Upgrade Barracks to lvl 7
Build Stable
*Borrow 2mil Lizards and Fodder from your alliance and conquer/raid lvl 10 Widows.
Build Second city

From here you can do what you would like but I recommend the following steps.

Upgrade Command Center to lvl 5
Upgrade Blacksmith to lvl 8
Upgrade Research lab to lvl 8
Build Workshop
Upgrade Castle to lvl 10
Build wall and upgrade it to lvl 10
Upgrade all buildings to lvl 10

As soon as you can start any upgrading in the blacksmith or researching do so. Here is a list of what order I recommend researching. You will probably have to skip around as your city progresses but try to upgrade the stuff at the top of the list first.


Piercing Attack
Heavy Armor
Normal Attack
Brunt Attack
Siege Attack
Medium Armor
Light Armor
Fortified Armor
Battering Ram

Research Lab:

Fast Recruit
Fast Build
Spy craft
Defense craft
Sword craft
Arrow making

I would also continuously recruit. The following is a list of what I would recruit and use first. As soon as you build a wall start recruiting defensive weapons. They will help more than you realize.

400 spies
1000 Axe throwers
10 Militia
10 Swordsmen
200k Axethrowers, and use mana to speed them up.
500k Axethrowers
10k Balista, as many times as possible.
1mil of every troop

Getting to the advanced game play in this game quickly is largely dependent on finding a good and helpful alliance. If you’re reading this then you probably belong to Stripling Warriors. Remember that at Stripling Warriors your always welcome to pm the officers with questions. We try to teach our members everything they need to know to succeed.

Good Luck.



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